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"Some of the best adventures begin right in your own backyard"


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The United States of Adventure

 with Richard Wiese



The adventure continues with the availability of a new television franchise entitled The United States of Adventure, with Richard Wiese.



Host Richard Wiese (youngest President in the history of The Explorers Club) takes viewers on a journey to world they may never have thought possible and in some cases right in their own backyards, quenching their thirst for exploration, by bringing them thrilling stories and startling images never before seen.


Richard Wiese explains, “Our goal is to entertain, but we also hope that once you’ve watched this show, you’ll never look at the Earth or your surroundings in the same way. You may find yourself noticing subtleties in the clouds, taking a new route home – perhaps discovering fossils along the way - or understanding why your dog barks like crazy just before a thunderstorm. The United States Of Adventure, with Richard Wiese will get you thinking like an explorer, recognizing that discovery awaits you everywhere, not just in some far off land”.



Building on 10 years of TV success with Exploration with Richard Wiese, UK’s Earth and Space and more recently the BBC hit series called Hottest Place on Earth.

Wiese’s new series, The United States of Adventure is scheduled to premiere as a weekly half-hour, live action series in 2010.

Wiese has also just launched a book with Harper Collins, Born to Explore, which is designed to get kids off their computers and into the outdoors. Born to Explore in its first week of release ranked 140 out of Amazons 7+ million titles.


The United States Of Adventure, with Richard Wiese offers broadcasters the perfect family friendly subject to attract advertisers and protect precious licenses.


The United States Of Adventure, with Richard Wiese will not compromise production quality for short-term gains. We will build a franchise that both kids and adults will embrace as high quality, pro-social programming. Focus groups have shown kids (13-16 E/I) and parents sitting side by side, saying this is cool and we would watch this show together.

The style of  The United States Of Adventure, with Richard Wiese is unscripted drama and promises an entertainment value found in reality television, but this time, you walk away with great substance.



Wiese says “Documentaries are informative, but tend to be dry, ponderous and lacking in entertainment value.  Conversely, adventure programs may be exciting, but rate low in historical significance.  Imagine the appeal of a show that combines the best elements of both genres, one that marries a significant, historical narrative with thrilling, on-location footage. A show that melds adventure travel adrenaline with documentary content.”

The United States Of Adventure, with Richard Wiese will forge a new style of production, crossing documentary and entertainment styles to create “docutainment’.If asked to name your 10 favorite documentaries, most people would be hard pressed to come up with more than a few. But naming your 10 favorite movies would pose no such problem. You remember movies because they’re entertaining. The mind tends to recall pleasurable stimuli much quicker than it does straight facts. The United States Of Adventure, with Richard Wiese understands this basic principle and will use it to create a unique, unforgettable blend of image, sound and information.

State-of-the-art production technologies in cinematography, sound, music and editing will be employed to create a fast-paced, high-energy program that is nevertheless rich in facts and information. 


The show’s host, Richard Wiese is a world renowned explorer and was the youngest President of The Explorers Club, the prestigious organization that has promoted exploration and field sciences since 1904, and whose membership has included Charles Lindbergh, Sir Edmund Hillary, Neil Armstrong, Jane Goodall and others – world explorers whose quests for adventure, like Richard Wiese’s, would not be denied.

In addition
as an explorer, Richard has traveled to all seven continents. He has tagged jaguars in the Yucatan jungles, captured crocodiles and handled venomous snakes in Australia, participated in medical research on Mt. Everest, achieved the first ascent of an unclimbed mountain in Alaska and discovered 29 new life forms on Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa and cross country skied to the North Pole.
In 2006 the Boy Scouts of America honored him at their National Jamboree by naming a sub-camp ”Camp Richard Wiese.”

“Our ambition is to inspire a new generation of explorer with this series letting people know that adventure literally awaits them right outside their doorstep. Preserving THEIR instinct to explore “

The United States of Adventure will also be available in 30 sec, 60 sec and 2 minute interstitial's for the web

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